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From the initial planning stage to staff training and ongoing support, Sky-Skan provides all services required by the world's most advanced digital fulldome planetariums and visualization theaters. We've consulted on hundreds of projects spanning every size, location, timeline, scope, and budget. With over 40 years focused on unique theater experiences, Sky-Skan is equipped to provide the expert services you need.


Let our experience help point the way. Sky-Skan's seasoned staff is ready to aid you in any means, from small exhibit solutions to full multimedia implementation. Our goal is a simple one - 100% customer satisfaction.

We can help recommend and/or remedy:

  • Products and Technologies
  • Automated or Manual Interface Systems
  • Projection Schematics and Configuration
  • Multimedia Formats
  • Innovative Show Presentation Techniques
  • Lighting and Sound Issues
  • Content and Producers
  • Theater Design
  • Theater and Control Room Safety

Whatever your need or budget, our technical and aesthetic expertise is yours!

Project Management

Once all initial decisions have been made, the project must be spearheaded and organized from its beginnings to efficiently ensure its prompt completion. There is little room for error in all stages of your project's growth. Sky-Skan's years of experience in the planetarium/fulldome theater community will productively expedite this process.

We have working relationships with vendors and contractors worldwide that allow us to communicate and develop your project accordingly. We plan and think dimensionally. With the current popularity of tilted domes (some as much as 30º), contracted crews who are familiar with common square construction must now change their approach to spatial construction. Square angles on parallel planes have become compound curves on tilted planes. Problems can be eliminated by the careful consultation of Sky-Skan's experienced designers and installers. Our installation and project management staff collectively catch and squelch these problems before they become financial and often irreversible nightmares. Let our collective experience lead your project to a successful and timely opening.

Theater Design

Sky-Skan's Theater Design Department has designed dozens of theaters since 1988. The experience of a designer in the early stages of such a unique environment not only saves time and money, but also opens up new possibilities learned through years of innovative work.

Space Theater Design

A systems approach to the delicate integration of large format film and planetarium media. We can optimize your valuable "real estate" in the control room, projection gallery, and projection pit.

Digital Theater Design

We can help fully utilize your high-definition video and surround sound system to create the optimal digital experience of your audience.

Planetarium Design

We created the standard for planetarium configuration with our innovative projection cove design and expansive knowledge of planetarium systems.

Exhibit Design

Bring your creative exhibit ideas to us, and we will bring them to life with unique and innovative solutions.

Fulldome Video Theater Design

Thinking of fulldome video? We can design or retrofit your theater to provide the features you need for a fulldome seamless experience.

What Are Your Needs?

Whether you are renovating your existing theater, developing a new facility, or retrofitting a space for a new use, be sure to contact our Theater Design Department. These are just the highlights of the many design services Sky-Skan can offer:

Theater Layout

Will your theater fit comfortably in the planned space? Will there be enough room in the cove to include all the slide and video systems you want? Avoid system cross-interference or unplanned architectural changes after construction is underway by taking advantage of our knowledge of theater design and layout.

Queue and Audience Flow

Moving dozens of people comfortably and safely through the waiting area and the theater is always important, especially when your theater holds hundreds of patrons daily. Proper design will create a feeling of anticipation to enhance the seamless theater experience.

Seating and Sightline Planning

Assuring that everyone can correctly see your show undistracted is imperative, considering the many hours you have invested in production. Maximizing seating will allow your attendees to remain comfortably focused on your presentation.

Projection Shelf and Media Room Design

Space Maximization and Equipment Access are the two key elements of these areas. Keeping necessary items within easy reach while keeping others remote allows show production, presentation, and equipment maintenance simple.

Sound System Design

Using our own speaker design, Sky-Skan sound systems provide the rich, diffuse sound which is crucial in a fulldome theater. When seated in a planetarium looking out into the infinite cosmos, your sound system will support the illusion. Avoid the pinpointed sound of poorly designed systems, by tapping into Sky-Skan's decades of experience.

System Integration

Whether your equipment involves slide or video projectors, star machines, large format film, laser light projectors, or other diverse media used in theaters, chances are Sky-Skan has previously integrated it through SPICE Automation. We know manufacturers' requirements and specifications and design theaters accordingly, allowing for future expansion.

House Lighting and Accent Lighting

Lighting should add to your environment, not detract from it. Sky-Skan's lighting systems allow for the smooth transition from an audience's entrance into the theater to the gentle fade into your show.

Interactive Systems

Sky-Skan's world renown talents offer both the hardware and software needed to support audience-driven interactive programs. Contact us to integrate an interactive system into your theater

Acoustical Treatment and Noise Control

Pure sound design and acoustically insulated theaters are other Sky-Skan specialties. In order to maintain the full theater illusion, your sound system must work with its environment not just in it.

Electrical Requirements and Heating Loads

Our work with the major manufacturers of planetarium equipment allows us to knowledgeably design your theater to accept any system and plan for environmental control. This enables a hassle and worry free upgrade process.

Dome Tours

The specialized lighting and sound of a dome tour is a dramatic and educational experience. We design such systems to entertain and teach.

Project Management

Sky-Skan manages planetarium projects worldwide. From theater design to opening day, we are able to successfully oversee your project.


A systems approach to planetarium design, combined with extensive experience in all aspects of planetaria, is available for your facility, systems, and renovations.

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