Lighting for Cove, Accent, and Stage

Powerful + Precise Lighting

The instant your audience enters the theater, lighting is changing their perception. Sky-Skan’s ultra-low power Cove EX LED lighting is the premiere solution for our Definiti theaters. We also provide exciting accent lighting using LED or traditional solutions. Just ask our theater design experts for more information.

Cove EX LED Lighting

Cove EX logo Cove EX™ fixtures simulate the extremes of sunlight, from noonday bright to the subtle hues of sunset—even down to the last moments of visible light. Gone are the typical jittering and stepping artifacts of traditional LED cove lighting fixtures. Even in the pitch-black planetarium theater environment, Cove EX fixtures perform ultra-smooth fades, keep true color hues, and fill the room with an even wash of light.

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Cove EX fixture