Definiti Digital Fulldome Theater Systems and Planetariums

Definiti theaters completely immerse audiences beyond anything they’ve experienced before. Our system compontents are the key to building a theater that goes beyond the average planetarium, cinema, or interactive ride experience. We regularly break through the limits of projection quality, sound fidelity, interactivity, and 3D visualization.

Why Choose Sky-Skan?

Unique Expertise

We build each component in house or adapt commercial products to the unique dome environment. When we can’t find a mechanical component to meet our needs, we build it in our machine shop. All of our theater software is written in house. We’re proud to employ the largest number of ex-planetarium and fulldome theater staff in the industry.

Long Term Relationships

We don’t build theaters for the short term. Our customers have a long-term vision and they rely on our reputation to be there for them five, ten, and twenty years down the road. Our company has been building planetarium components for over 40 years, and we still service decades-old systems that are still used in daily operations.

The level of performance of our theaters has won us accolades, a world record, and nearly 200 theater customers around the world.

It takes dozens of systems, components, and software all designed by a company with decades of experience building the world’s best We envelop the audience in a seamless dome with multiple HD video streams, surround them with digital audio tuned to the unique dome theater, and suprise them with stunning 4D effects built right into the seats.

The entire theater is designed around a seamless experience for both the audience and our customers who have to operate the theater on a daily basis.

To achieve the highest.

Explore Definiti System Components

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