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Contact Sky-Skan

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Contact Sky-Skan

Sky-Skan maintains offices in the United States, Germany, and Australia. Through these offices and our partners, Sky-Skan provides worldwide sales and service to our customers.

To contact us use our online form below or browse our office and partner address listings.

To contact us regarding any product or service sales, use this web form or send your request directly to

When filling out your web request, please note the * marks for mandatory fields. Please provide as much information as possible to help us best respond to your request.

About You
About Your Theater System
If inquiring about show pricing or theater construction/renovation, please fill out this section.
Enter your dome diameter, specifying meters or feet.
Please enter the dome tilt in degrees; 0 for non-tilted dome.
Please tell us what projection system your theater currently has if you are considering a renovation or upgrade, even if you don't plan to keep this equipment.
What is your approximate annual attendance, or expected annual attendance? This information is required for fulldome show price quotes.
How many seats do you have or are planning for? This is required for fulldome show pricing.

Sky-Skan World Headquarters

Sky-Skan, Inc.
51 Lake Street
Nashua, NH 03060
United States

Phone: +1 603-880-8500
US Toll-free: 1-800-880-8500
Fax: +1 603-882-6522

Contact: Virginia Savage

Sky-Skan Europe

Sky-Skan Europe GmbH
Einsteinstraße 28
D-81675 Munich

Tel: +49 89 6428 9231
Fax: +49 89 6428 9232

Contact: Glenn Smith

Sky-Skan Oceania

Sky-Skan Oceania Pty. Ltd.
48 Pin Oak Crescent
Flemington, Victoria 3031

Tel: +61 3-9372-6444

Contact: Jack White

Partner Addresses: