Definiti Digital Fulldome Theaters and Planetariums

Definiti Digital Fulldome Theaters and Planetariums

Immerse Audiences With Video and Sound

Definiti theater in Greece

Eugenides Planetarium, Greece

Definiti: Powerful and Immersive Digital Fulldome Theaters

A breathtaking view. Each Definiti® theater is built to transport audiences to another place. The place could be inside a complex protein drawn with impressive detail in real-time. Or it might be to the heart of the sun! Building on the groundwork begun with SkyVision and founded on the DigitalSky 2 software platform, Definiti theaters make the most of the unique full-dome space.

Many Definiti theater sites run shows unique to their area because the system is built to be customized. But a diverse show library is also available from top-notch producers around the world. So no matter whether you want to take audiences to deep space, under the ocean, or inside the micro-universe, Definiti theaters enable you to take them on a fantastic voyage tailored to your needs.

Typical Characteristics of a Definiti Theater:

Dome screen

A special perforated screen covering the entire ceiling.

High resolution video playback

Playback video shows across most or all of the dome screen.

Classic astronomy tools

Easily run a show with simple live controls including Miky Way, solar system, constellation figures, and grids (equator, ecliptic, cardinal points, poles).

Real-time multimedia

Handle displaying pictures, video, sound, and text all live without pre-rendering. Blend and crossfade playback video and real-time.

Multichannel surround sound

Have a robust sound system to match the screen’s visuals.

QM2 Theater
Definiti Projector

Innovation In Projection Technology

Definiti projection system options bring the digital world of DigitalSky 2 though a high-tech array of computers and projectors to the screen. In a multi-projector Definiti system, high-definition video streams are stitched into one seamless picture on the giant dome screen. Projectors, lenses, Definiti graphics computers, and DigitalSky 2 software must all work in perfect tandem to maximize image quality.

Sky-Skan is well-known for its ability to maximize the performance of such an array of hardware and software. For example, we developed our Definiti HD line of lenses for our high-end Definiti 4K and 8K systems based on the Sony SXRD 4K projector; it has opened up a new level of quality for theaters demanding the highest resolution, color quality, and brightness.

Scitech, Perth Planetarium

Scitech, Perth, Western Australia (courtesy Scitech)

A New Level of Immersive?

Definiti 3D

Full-dome theaters enjoy a gigantic screen that brings audiences right up to the visuals on the dome. Sky-Skan’s Definiti 3D projection system takes the experience even further.

The system uses the latest full-color 3D stereo filtering, Sky-Skan’s custom Definiti HD lensing solution on Sony’s high-performance SXRD 4K projectors, and DigitalSky 2’s ability to output 3D stereo in real-time. We are excited to offer this solution for theaters who desire the maximum audience immersion and a new twist on 3D stereo. Flat-screens take notice too as our system works for these environments—with the incredible brightness of dual-projector 3D stereo.

Definiti 8K: the world's highest resolution digital planetarium system

Beijing kids

Sky-Skan is pleased to have installed the world’s highest resolution digital projection system for planetariums in Beijing, China. Definiti 8K seamlessly stitches an incredible 24 high-definition video streams (totalling over 53 million pixels) into one continuous picture on the dome screen. Six Sony SXRD 4K projectors are attached to Definiti HD lenses and fed by DigitalSky 2 and Definiti graphics computers. The final system resolution after blending and masking calculates to 35 million pixels (35 megapixels). This is the first time a digital projection system has achieved such a high picture quality.

Challenger Learning Center

Next-generation Challenger Center using Definiti projection on a flat screen. Photo courtesy Challenger Center for Space Science Education and Songam Observatory, South Korea.

Choosing a System

Sky-Skan offers a full range of Definiti projection systems from portable units to the world’s most prestigious multi-projector installations. Contact your nearest sales representative to speak about the right solution for your needs. Each Definiti theater runs DigitalSky 2 software, giving you access to the incredible real-time tools and playback capabilites. We enjoy a diverse group of clients who have a variety of audiences and needs; we would love to add you to the Definiti theater family!